MarveLash Reviews

“I’ve always wished for longer and thicker eyelashes, and thanks to MarveLash, I finally have them! For years, I had to pile on mascara if I wanted my lashes to stand out. Now, after using MarveLash serum for a month, I don’t need to wear mascara at all. I can’t believe how well this product works—try it!”

--Stefani, GA

“For a while, I considered trying Latisse, a prescription product that promotes eyelash growth. But after I read about the awful side effects that the chemicals in Latisse could cause, I decided to search for an all-natural product instead. MarveLash fit the bill perfectly—it’s a gentle formula that darkened and lengthened my lashes without harming my eyes in any way.”

--Lissa, NY

“As a blonde, I have very light eyelashes that used to be practically invisible because they were so fine. Using dark mascara brought my lashes out somewhat, but I didn’t like having to worry about smudges or having to re-apply the mascara all the time. MarveLash was the perfect solution to my problem. I started noticing that my eyelashes had grown thicker and fuller within just a few weeks. I’d recommend MarveLash to anyone who wants naturally beautiful lashes!”

--Kellee, TX

“As soon as I looked at the MarveLash ingredient list, I knew that it was a serum that I needed to try. My eyes are very sensitive to chemicals, which made my search for an eyelash-lengthening product difficult. MarveLash contains natural ingredients such as licorice extract and wheat protein that do not irritate my eyes in the least. And best of all, it really works! My eyelashes look amazing!”

--Chrissy, MI

“Both of my sisters have naturally long, thick, and dark eyelashes—I was the only one who didn’t inherit them! After years of hearing my sisters get compliments on their lashes, I began to look for a product that would give my puny lashes a boost! MarveLash is the first serum that I tried, and I’m so impressed with the results. After several weeks of applying MarveLash each night, my eyelashes look as great as my sisters’ do!”

--Amanda, CA

“What I love most about MarveLash is that it’s so easy to use. I apply it just as I would apply eyeliner and then I’m done! I don’t have to wear mascara at all anymore because MarveLash has given my eyelashes a natural appeal. Before I tried this serum, I never would have believed that thick, dark eyelashes were so easy to achieve! Thank you so much.”

--Sharon, IL

“Years of coating my eyelashes with black mascara caused a lot of damage and breakage. I knew that if I wanted my lashes to look thick, I’d have to try something else. My friend told me about MarveLash and I couldn’t wait to order some for myself. A few months later, my short, stubby, brittle lashes are no more! MarveLash not only lengthened my eyelashes, but made them healthier as well. I wish this product had been around years ago!”

--Janelle, NM